everyday art

pieces created in one day

These videos were made to show the creative process during my experiments with new products or mediums, and to document my painting-a-day challenges I set for myself.


Some of the camera work is a little rough, so please bear with me

while I work out the kinks!


pink orchid

In an effort to try to experiment with being more loose and spontaneous with watercolors (not my normal approach) I did this painting of an orchid without any preliminary drawings or studies, working in a wet-on-wet technique.


I'm working with a fun, inexpensive palette of paints I saw on sale on Amazon and couldn't resist - there's just something about a fresh new box of paint with all those colors!

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eucalyptus branch

This is a quick watercolor done in a wet-on-wet technique using various shades of green and blue that I premixed. Also, you will see me using a piece of blotter paper to pick up paint in the veins of the leaves.

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